Sunday, December 10, 2006

11 November 2006 梁子湖, Liangzihu (Liangzi Lake)

Location: In 鄂州 Èzhōu perfecture, west of 黄石Huangshi City in 湖北省 Hubei province.

Liangzi Lake is the biggest lake in Hubei province. The freshwater from the lake flows into 长江 Changjiang (Yangtze river) and there is an island in the center of the lake called Liangzi island.

It takes about 20 minutes by a fast ferry from the shore of Liangzi lake at 长岭 Changling to reach Liangzi island (see arrow direction on above map).

Boat pier at Liangzi island.

Boat captain-cum-cook preparing lunch on boat.

Setting off for clock-wise round island boat ride.

L: Heading forward. R: Leaving pier at starboard.

Lunch is cooked on board by the captain with lake water, a 6-course with pressure-steamed lake crabs (4*), stir-fried baby shrimps with local vegetables (3*), steamed fish with ginger and chillies (3*), fried fish (3*), lotus root soup (*) and lastly steamed rice. The rice wine and beer and the good company made it a very memorable experience. Well, the lake water didn't cause any problem at all to our stomach (probabily the strong rice wine would have killed all the bacteria).

After lunch on boat.

The main economic activities here are crab farming and local tourism. Notice the wind-power generator of the crab farm in the below left picture?

L: Crab farm on the lake. R: Local tourists on boats ahead.

Rounding off the Liangzi statues.

After the round island boat ride, back at the ferry pier to wait for the next fast ferry to return to take us away from the island.

L: Waiting at the ferry pier. R: Fast ferry bringing tourists to the island.

It was a very unique and memorable half-day trip to Liangzihu. Will definately re-visit again.

L: Hai-o hunting portside on the lake. R: Leaving Liangzi island astern.

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